top quality service while  ensuring convenience...


ECPack General Merchandise is a retail packaging specialist that was established due to high demand and rapid growth of small cosmetic and household ventures whose businesses cannot accommodate yet the minimum quantity requirement of manufacturing companies. We offer a wide range of packaging solutions such as PET bottles, HDPE jars, glass bottles, and more.


We are pro-customer by giving top quality service and items while ensuring to put their convenience first. Having an e-commerce site where customers may order their packaging requirements online and having their orders be delivered to their doorsteps, opens our products and services not just to businesses within Metro Manila, but NATIONWIDE. We want to be our client’s top of mind when it comes to packaging so we strive to improve our line of products based on the client’s needs and the industry trend.


To provide packaging solutions to every businesses, may they be within or outside Metro Manila, while prioritizing the client's convenience.


We don't want our clients wasting hours waiting for their items to be prepared when they can order their packaging requirements with just a few clicks through our website and have them shipped out via their selected courier or be picked up at our store, all ready and packed.

Clients outside Metro Manila may also enjoy our products through courier deliveries. We can also ship out their items through their selected forwarders.


Be the client's top of mind when it comes to packaging solutions. 

ECPack has an ever growing list of items that is at par with the continually changing and evolving industry trend. On top of that, providing convenience to clients, making us the top choice for packaging solutions.

Assist our clients to grow and expand their business to its full potential.

ECPack supports starting out entrepreneurs and small businesses that cannot yet accommodate the minimum quantity requirement of manufacturing companies.


First mover advantage is vital in the New Economy. We have to get the product out the door into the consumer quickly in order to grab market share. For a company whose IDEA must hit the marketplace quickly in order to succeed, ECPack can provide INNOVATELY DESIGNED PACKAGING MATERIALS and accessories to small and mid-sized companies at a competitive cost with convenient setup.